How to set up an Unreal Tournament 4 server/hub

Last month I struggled to find a complete and up to date guide on how to properly setup a simple UT4 server or hub, so here is my up to date ish guide. Many of this information is from personal experience or help from community members. Special thanks to Zunnie, for creating the original guide, and Supsun, for taking the time to help me with my server.

Windows server setup

Windows servers are quite a bit simpler than Linux servers, but will not perform as well as a dedicated Linux server. If you’re going to setup a server at home, be sure you have more than 2Gb of RAM available. A good processor or even some dedicated cores would be great.

Start off by downloading the latest Windows server files here: Link
If you want to launch a Hub, you’ll need a tool called FireDaemon Lite. The version we need isn’t available on the official FireDaemon website, so I hosted it on my google drive. Link#1

After downloading these files, prepare them for the first run. This first time you run the server it will automatically create new folders and files it needs to run properly. Start by creating a .bat file and entering this:

cd Engine\Binaries\Win64 start UE4Server-Win64-Shipping.exe UnrealTournament CTF-Face?Game=CTF?MaxPlayers=16 -multihome=192.168.X.X -port=7777 -log

Make sure you replace the Multihome IP with your PC’s internal IP. Some PC’s don’t need the multihome command so simply remove it if it isn’t working.
Now start your server by double clicking your .bat file. The server process will shut itself down because the first run is for configuration only. You should end up with screen similar like this one:

In your UT4 server folder, go to \UnrealTournament\Saved\Config\WindowsServer and open Game.ini with a text editor like Notepad++. Here you can edit your server’s title and MOTD. We will revisit this file at the end of this guide for adding custom content.

This is an example of my Game.ini. Copy this into your own Game.ini and edit the name and MOTD.

ServerName=BUAS Dedicated HUB
ServerMOTD=BUAS Hub for Student maps

After this you are almost ready to run your server, only one step left: Port forwarding. I found that servers require different ports than Hubs, here are the ports nessecary to run the Server:

Port #Description
7777This is the port that the game will communicate with clients on. It can be overridden using the “-port=xxxx” command line switch.
7787This is the sever query port. When clients are looking to connect to your server, they will use this port to communicate with it. You can change this port in the Engine.ini file.
14000This is the instance communication port. Used primarily for HUBs but in my case my server did not work without it.

And you’re done! Start up the server like we did in the initial startup and start playing 😉

HUB and Custom content guide to be added soon.